Tuesday, November 29, 2011

24 Hours in San Diego

A few months ago we found out about a dinner cruise offered by Josh's work. It sounded like a fun get away date, our friends were going and the deciding factor was that if we went Josh would get a day off of work without having to use one of his personal days. Who wouldn't want a free day off of work?! We found a babysitter here for our kids so we didn't have to take them on the 3 hour drive, and we were looking forward to a little together time away.

On Thursday we left our house 4 1/2 hours before the ship took off. San Diego is only 3 hours away so we thought we gave ourselves plenty of time in case there was traffic, or we got lost. We got stuck in major traffic 3 different times and began to wonder if we were going to make it there in time. We took our exit 40 min prior to the ship leaving. We were feeling pretty good that we had some time to spare. Our GPS was guiding us the whole way, and usually does a pretty good job, but it kept telling us to turn where the road was closed we kept going around in circles knowing we were close. We called our friends who were barely there in time and they were trying to direct us, but didn't really know where we were. Finally at 6:59 I asked some guys that were on the side of the random road we were on. One of them said we were close and that he was going that way and we could just follow him, so we did. Our friends who had barely made it on the boat at 7pm {the take off time} said they talked to someone and the ship did not really leave at 7:15pm. I wanted to give it our best attempt to make it considering this was our whole reason for coming! Without the guy guiding us we would have never found it, even though we were very close. We pulled into the parking lot to park and were about to make a mad dash for the ship when our friends called to tell us they closed the gate {it was 7:12} and we would not be able to board the ship. I was super disappointed, but we tried our best. We ended up going out to dinner at the Yard House, and going to our hotel.

We got to sleep in, work out together, do a little shopping and have lunch together before heading home. We had a good time being alone together and made the most of our trip!

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