Saturday, September 22, 2007


Wow! I'm really bad at this blogging thing. I don't feel like i have anything interesting to tell so I go weeks between posts...oh it goes...

A couple weeks ago I went kayking with my friend, Amber. We had a blast! We went to this little river in Williamsville. It's right in the middle of a park right off of the main steet in town. How cool is that?! The water was kindof gross in spots because the water is stagnent, but I love outdoors-ie stuff so I didn't mind. We kayaked down the river to dream island. A little island in the middle of the river with a castle on it! It's huge and really old and cool looking. I would love to go inside it. Past the castle there were weaping willows that hung over the river. It was like something you see out of a movie~ people peacefully kayaking down the river under the weaping willows~totally cool!! On the way back we talked to a lady that told us the story behind the castle and dream island. I guess back in the 1960's it was sold to a couple. Right after they bought it, it burned. It was their dream to live there (hence the name dream island) so they rebuilt it and lived there until they both died a few years ago. Now their daughters live there. After kayaking we ran across the street and checked out the water fall. I came home and told Josh we will definately have to go back there together. It was so much fun, I had such a good time~thanks Amber.

School has been going pretty well for Josh. It's tough and stressful but he manages his time well and stays on top of things. He had his first two tests this week-histology and anatomy. He did well on the first one, and is waiting for the results of the second one. My job is getting better. I hated it at first, but it's pretty good now. We had some friends over for dinner last sunday, and hung out with some other friends last night in celebration of being done with the frist Anatomy test! Way to go guys!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Labor Day Weekend

Labor day weekend came and went too fast. We didn't do anything special, it was just fun to have some extra time to relax and be together. My weekend was extra long because I didn't have to work on Friday either~the joys of working for a specialist, so I took advantage of the day off and went shopping with my friend Briste. It was really fun! There were sales and it wasn't too crowded. Josh, however, saw the weekend as a chance to get ahead on his school stuff. So bright and early Saturday morning he was studying. I caught up on some house stuff, we went running together...ok for those of you that know Josh and his running abilities and me and my running abilities you know we weren't really running together, but we were at the same place at the same time doing the same thing so to me we were running together! Later that evening we decided to go out to the mall, but it was WAY too crowded for us. So we settled for finishing up Friday Night Lights, a TV series, online. Monday Josh had an eye dr. appt. and came home with a new glasses. They updated his old Rx, so that it's actually beneficial to wear them and come to find out looking at a computer screen all day dries out and damages his eyes! Eye drops to the rescue since staring at the screen of his laptop is his life for the next 4 years! As hard as it was we're back to work and school today.