Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Jordan & Jessica came to see us!

Jordan & Jessica came to see us for about a week during Christmas break. They arrived on Christmas night and we stayed up late talking and hanging out. While they were here we snuck Tim Horton's food in to the theatre and went and saw The Curious Case of Benjamin Button...besides being a little too long Jessica and I liked it but the guys didn't really. Jessica and I went and got massages. It was so fun and relaxing! Of course we had to get pizza and wings so they didn't go home without experiencing true authentic NY pizza & wings. We also spend a lot of time playing with Hayden and hanging out talking.

snuggling with Uncle Jordan

aunt Jess and Hayden after his bath

Jessica wanted to see Niagara Falls lit up at night and go to the Canada side. After we ate dinner it was late and we got disoriented and made the guys turn around about 3 times before we got to the falls. It was dark and cold and Hayden was sleeping so we decided to drive to the Canada side instead of walking. They had Christmas lights up everywhere and the falls were lit up. There was lots of traffic and not really anywhere to park so Jess and I jumped out and took some picts of the falls. Then we drove around in a HUGE square trying to find the bridge to drive back to the US. After we ended up back at square one we realized that had we gone up one street we would not have followed the "alternate route to the bridge to the U.S." and therefore would not have wasted time driving in a square. We also had quite the experience with the boarder patrol officer good thing we were able to have fun and keep laughing at ourselves and each other!

While they were here we went to Toronto. This is one of the things I have wanted to do since we lived here. We got a great deal on a nice room at the Hilton. We went and saw the CN tower and walked around town. Jess and I went shopping at the underground mall...it's 16 miles long....and the Eaton Center, it was SO much fun!

the view from our hotel

cute little Hayden on our hotel bed

the cute little message {with all my doodling around it} that Josh drew on the table for me at dinner

the CN tower

the night before they had to leave I said it would be awesome if it snowed a ton and they couldn't leave. Much to my surprise it snowed 8 inches! I measured!!!

Their flight wasn't until 5pm so they took off just fine

Like always we had a great time and can't wait to see them again!


This year was our 5 year anniversary. We had orginally planned to get a hotel in Niagara on the Lake and possibly go on a horse drawn carriage ride...basically have a totally romantic day, but on Dec. 19 we woke up to a horrible snow storm. It snowed and snowed and snowed and they kept saying "if you don't have to go out don't" So we had heart shaped french toast for breakfast, snuggled and watched Seven Pounds online, and just spent the day together as a family.

The next night we left Hayden with Tyler & Rachel and went out to dinner. While we were gone Tyler & Rachel snuck over and made our house all romantic with candles and music and chocolate dipped goodies. Thanks guys!

Hayden & Tyler snuggling while we were gone
Dec. 20 going on a little sleigh ride

Sunday, December 28, 2008


This year we decided not to go anywhere for Christmas break. We wanted some time to just relax while Josh had a break from school. Christmas was SO fun this year. Having a kid makes everything so much more fun! We had fun picking out some presents for Hayden and wrapping them and playing Santa and filling his stocking, and watching him open them and get excited when the toys played music. He's such a cutie we just can't get enough of him!
Checking out what Santa brought
looking in his stocking
{p.s. aunt camille your cute stocking arrive the day after Christmas...we'll use it next year}
playing with one of his new toys
opening presents from Aunt Jess & Uncle Jordan the day after Christmas

Hayden LOVES books

playing with one of the toys Grandma Ricks sent

The wrapping paper was the best part!


Hayden waiting to open his present on Christmas Eve

We started off our Christmas Eve with an ugly sweater party hosted by our friends Tyler & Rachel. We shared a good meal with families that were staying here for Christmas, and donated and made boxes for homeless shelters and other charities in the area. We came home and opened one present each. Our new Pajamas! I made Josh and Hayden matching pajama bottoms. They looked so cute! Then we read the night before Christmas and put Hayden to bed. Josh and I stayed up and watched How the Grinch Stole Christmas and played Santa's little helpers.

Hayden in his cute new pj's

reading the 'the night before Christmas'

Our ugly sweaters...the ugliest sweaters Good Will had to offer!

Hayden and his friend Garret in their ugly sweaters

Hayden loved Garret & Spencer's talking Elmo


Head Circumfrince: 17 1/2 inches ~ 70th percentile
Height: 26 inches ~ 25th percentile
Weight: 14lbs 11oz ~ 3 percentile
apparently when we call him our little guy it's more true than we thought!

At 6 months Hayden loves it when people talk to him. He will talk back, smile and giggle. He is fascinated with our dogs. He loves blowing raspberries, and if you do it back he will keep the game going forever. He is starting to sit up. He can feed himself crackers and "baby Cheetos"...those puffy things they make for babies. He love love loves peek-a-boo. He sleeps great...at night usually 10 hours then he eats and goes back for 2-3 more. He is such a mellow baby and he is happy most of the time. I used to want him to stop growing, but each new stage is so fun I guess it's ok if he gets a little bigger!


December 14, 2008

Whenever Hayden and his friend Tyson are together people always ask if they are twins. I don't think they look alike, but I guess it's the pale skin, blue eyes and bald head that make strangers ask, and when we say no they ask if they are related. So Natalie {Tyson's Mom} tells the strangers that Hayden and Tyson are cousins just to let them be right and drop the subject and then they say "I knew they had to be related!"

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Friday, December 19, 2008


5 years ago today Josh and I started our forever.

Over the past 5 years we have had...
2 apartments
1 trip to Hawaii
1 outdoor rock climbing adventure
2 trips to Aspen
2 cars
3 moves
1 leg injury
2 bachelors degrees
1 bike accident
1 trip to Vegas
1 trip to Arizona
2 dogs
2 surgerys
1 trip to Breckenridge
1 trip to Buffalo
4 backpacking adventures
3 miscarriages
1 handsome little guy
1 house
lots of fun
and we've done it all TOGETHER!

Can't wait for many, many more years together. Love ya babe!

Leadville Colorado

My 1st backpacking trip ~ Palisaides Aug. 2005