Monday, October 26, 2009

eyes, ears, mouth and nose

He did this perfectly until I pulled out the camera. I still think it's cute though!

Our Week

My week started out by going to the Melting Pot for dessert for my friend Natalie's birthday

Then Hayden and I went to the Pumpkin Farm for playgroup
{because i'm the smart mom that i am i did not take one single photo of Hayden with a pumpkin! I was so mad at myself! We even practiced saying pumpkin on the way out there!}

Hayden wasn't so sure about the goats at first but then after feeding them some corn out of his hand he wasn't so shy anymore

He loved playing on all the toys on the playground

His favorite part was probably the sand

Josh had a dental convention he had to go to on Thursday and Friday so Thursday we met him and some friends for lunch and on Friday he went late and we went to breakfast. I love days like these!

While waiting for our food Josh and Hayden ninja fought with their knives. Hayden thinks this game is so funny!
I was talking on the phone as I drove home from dropping Josh off at the convention. It is against the law in the state of NY to drive while talking on your cell phone without a hands free device...I knew this but I sometimes do it anyway...well a cop pulled up next to me honked and motioned for me to roll down my window. I immediately got off the phone. He said "Do you know what you are messing with there?! A $160 fine that keeps going up and 2 points on your drivers license. You need to fix that! I said OK, rolled up my window and sat next to him at the red light for 30 awkward seconds. Guess I'll go get a hands free ear piece!

Hayden being his silly little self.
He thinks it's fun to climb under the coffee table and over this bar.

Where The Wild Things Are

A few Saturdays ago we decided to take Hayden to the movie Where The Wild Things Are. For the first 30 minuets he was mesmerized and just snuggled into us. Then he got a little bored and we had to bring out every snack we brought and all the books and toys from my bag. He was doing pretty well until the boy in the movie decieded to scream and then Hayden thought it would be funny to scream too. After about 3 screams we got up and left. Maybe we'll try again in about a year! We had such a fun day of haging out and being together as a family!


Josh taught Hayden how to tell Teton no. He shakes his finger and everything. We think it's funny how Hayden says it with such passion!

Saturday, October 24, 2009


Hayden has a little bit of an obsession with watching Elmo clips on youtube. Everytime he sees Josh's laptop he wants to watch a movie. We occasionally let him because it's so cute to see him so intrigued and he snuggles right into us the whole time he's watching. For weeks we hvae been trying to get him to say Elmo, but he hasn't. Anyway the other day on our way home from picking Josh up from school Josh and I were talking and Josh said "It's been a while since Hayden has said any new words. We've been trying to get him to say Elmo forever." literally right after Josh got done saying this Hayden said, "ELMO" It was hilarious! It was like Hayden understood every word Josh was saying and he was like I'll show you Dad!

Later that night while in the bath tub brushing his teeth. He looked at his tooth brush, which has elmo on it, and said, "elMO"

now every time he sees Josh's laptop he says "ELMO"

Family Pictures

We had these family pictures taken in September. I love them!

Mom Of The Year!

these photos were taken 2 days after the horrible event

A few weeks ago Hayden fell down the stairs...there's only 3, but they are hard and stairs none the less...leading out to our garage. Here's the story: We took Josh to school and when we got home I carried Hayden in the house and set him down while I took off my shoes and jacket. As soon as I set him down he walked off into the kitchen. I barely got my shoes off when I heard a big crash and Hayden screaming. I walked into the kitchen to see him at the bottom of the stairs with the baby gate under him. Earlier that morning I had put the baby gate in that doorway, since there is no door, to prevent Hayden from going down there and playing in or dumping our dog's water...he loves doing this! The gate must not have been attached correctly. I didn't see it but I'm assuming that Hayden leaned on the gate to look over it and went flying down the stairs when it moved. It was so sad! He had a bloody nose, but I couldn't see any other bumps or bruises. He was bawling hysterically and I rocked him and tried to comfort him but it took him about 10 min to settle down. He was already tired that morning so he was starting to fall asleep and I know they say you shouldn't let them go to sleep after a fall but I did. While he was trying to get to sleep in my arms he kept whimpering. I felt horrible! I kept rubbing his forehead even though I couldn't see any bumps or bruising. He fell asleep in my arms and after a few minutes I stood up to lay him in his crib. As soon as I stood up he started bawling again. So I sat down and rocked him until he fell asleep again. I waited longer after he fell asleep to stand up. As soon as I layed him in his crib he woke right up and bawled again. This happened twice before I finally gave up and rocked him to sleep for the 4th time and then layed on the sofa and held him. When he woke up he had a big bump between his eyes and his nose was all red and swollen. Wow! I felt so bad for him! He acted fine so I gave him some lunch, which he ate, and decided that getting out of the house and a pick me up from Josh sounded great. So I drove to the dental school and called Josh and told him I was was his lunch break. He was surprised and came out to the car to see us. When he saw Hayden he said WHAT HAPPENED? I explained and then we talked and he asked me if I gave him anything for the pain or swelling. Um...NO, didn't think about that! Way to go MOM! Then we discussed taking him to the pediatrician just to make sure his nose wasn't broken and there was no further damage. We ran into our friends Garth and Melissa who thought Hayden looked horrible when they saw him and said they would take him in. Melissa said, "You never know if there is internal bleeding or anything." I told her not to tell me such things. I took him straight from there to the pediatrician's office and had him checked out. I was a little worried about what people might think, honestly he looked pretty bad and if you didn't know us you could possibly think some pretty awful stuff. Everyone at the office was so understanding. They all had their own stories about how their kids had similar accidents. By that evening he looked better, and by the next morning most of the swelling had gone down and he was just bruised.

The night of the fall we were playing with him and he turned to run away and lost his balance and fell right on his face. SO sad!

The next day he was holding the lotion bottle after his bath and accidently dropped it right on his nose!

About a week later he was taking a while to fall asleep during his nap. Josh and I were upstairs and we heard a loud THUMP downstairs and we both immediately went running! I opened Hayden's door to see him standing there, crying, waiting for me to open the door. He had jumped/climbed/fallen out of his crib. He wasn't hurt, thankfully! Guess it was a little past time to move up the side rail!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

tomorrow is the day...

...when we find out if our next little one is a boy or girl. Any guesses??

We honestly don't have a preference. It would be fun to have another boy so close to Hayden's age and I would already have all the boy stuff, but it would be fun to have a girl just to ensure that we get a little girl, not to mention all the fun I could have with dresses, bows and pink frills. It will be fun to know so we can start planning and it always seems so much more real to me after we know. (not that I don't know it's for real every time I feel him/her move or I throw up)