Saturday, August 29, 2009


Hayden is at such a fun, but hard age. He is doing so many fun, cute things and he discovers new things and says new words all the time. It is a difficult age too because he understands more than he can communicate. He is mobile but can't do as much as he wants to on his own. We joke that he's lucky he's so cute because he can be a stinker! But honestly he's so cute and sweet most of the time and the moments that melt our heart are so precious that we can't help but love him!

Hayden has learned to:
Give Kisses
sign please
dance to any, movies, radio, toys
says GAGA for any drink
says MORE ~ "MOA"
signs eat
says SPLASH SPLASH SPLASH ~ "Bash bahs Bahs"
copies everything we do...chewing gum (he pretends when he sees us doing it), putting on deoderant, pouring things, computer, putting keys in the door.
gives our dog Teton bones...Teton loves this and because it's so cute I don't really stop Hayden so some days Teton gets a lot of bones.
Hayden can now come down the stairs on his of August 18 (which has been both a blessing and a curse)
says BOOK
says UH-OH
signs bath
throws his food over the side of his tray and laughs when I tell him no or come over and stop him
loves watching elmo & the goo goo dolls on youtube
really likes baby einstein

Hayden got his first tooth right before his first birthday but he has since had three more come in:
Tooth #2 ~ right bottom front tooth...August 3
Tooth #3 ~ upper left molar...August 7
Tooth #4 ~ upper right molar... August 13
He is still not walking completley on his own. He walks in between Josh & me, and he walks really well when we hold one of his hands. Lately he has been taking 6 steps on his own then falling down and picking himself back up and walking 6 or 7 more steps. So he's getting better and I think within a month he'll be doing it all the time.
The other day I was emotional...ya know those pregnancy hormones...and Hayden came over to me and looked at my face seriously and then touched the tears in the corners of my eyes. SO precious!
this boy loves his monkey so his monkey got to sleep in his bed the other night

loves keys

watching elmo & the goo goo dolls

riding his new bike~ he's a little too short for it and hasn't quite figured it out but he love to sit on it and make noises and steer it


since we've been home

We got Josh's board scores. He got an 81. We waited for the mailman everyday like it was Christmas and we were so excited when he left the score and it said PASSED!

playing with friends

Tyson, Hayden, Hugh

Hayden & Tyson

the boys

Hugh, Hayden, Tyson

the moms

Natalie, Me, Melissa

We discovered a little splash pool that Hayden LOVES.

walking & splashing in the water

sometimes he crashed face first in the water and needed some loves

Garret playing with Hayden

cute little Spencer

Hayden pulled the charger out of Josh's laptop and stuck that end in his mouth. It didn't work after that which didn't make us too happy, and it cost us $85 to replace it. I'm sure our parents would laugh at that because we both remember multiple mistakes we made that cost our parents way more than $85!

Hayden has been transitioning to one nap a day instead of two. He does pretty well most days if he doesn't decide to wake up too early and if he's not teething or sick. The transition was kind of hard because I wanted to keep him up as late as I could in the morning so he would be happier longer in the afternoon. He does better if we're out doing something so Josh and I went to the Clarance bike path and Josh rode his bike and Hayden and I walked. Hayden ended up falling asleep in his stroller during the last 10 min of the walk. This is the first time in his life that he has fallen asleep in the stroller. Maybe I waited a little too long for nap time that day!

School started for Josh again. This year doesn't seem too bad so far. He sees patients 3 times per week and has classes the other 2 days. He's way less stressed and doesn't have to spend this year in the lab.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Our Summer

Grandma Ricks came to visit
We started off the summer with a visit from Grandma Ricks at the end of June.

{photos to come}


We left for our month long summer get-a-way on July 4. We started out our stay in Colorado with Josh's family.

Jordan & Jessica's Graduation

Kandis, Josh, Kalee, Joe, Jessica, Hayden, Jordan Carla, Jamison, Jayson, Jensen, Sherri
Kylah, Malachi

Josh & Hayden
Our Little Family
Justin, Denise & Kalee's Race


Playing in the Park
Grandma & Grandpa would put Hayden in the backpack and walk down to the park to play. Hayden LOVED it!
Hayden & Grandpa
Swinging with the help of Grandma
Uncle Jamison
Jamison might not have liked being awakened at 6am by Hayden, but he sure loved hanging out with this cute little guy. It was so cute to see them play together. Grandpa & Jamison would spend hours playing outside with Hayden & their dog, Tolstoy. Hayden LOVED it!

Jamison refused to let me take a photo of them together ...this is the only one I could steal

Hanging out eating ice cream with uncle Jordan. after every bite he would say "mmm"

Jordan, Tom, Josh, Hayden, Jamison

reading with Uncle Jayson

stories with Grandpa

Auntie Kalee & Hayden

Loves sunglasses

sharing his smoothie
or more like Aunt Carla sharing her smoothie

more sharing...what a nice boy!

is how Hayden woke us up every morning. He would wake up and look over his pack and play at us sleeping in the bed.

usually he was much more lively than this, but this photo was taken on our last morning and we had to wake him up at 6am. He had been waking up at 5am for weeks. Why this was the day he chose to sleep in I don't know!


Leanne's Birthday
While I was there we went to Leanne's and took her out to lunch for her birthday.

Me, Mom, Leanne

Leanne & Me

Hanging out with Grandpa

Playing on the 4-wheeler

Grandpa & Hayden riding the tractor

checking out the motorcycle

and the other motorcycle

Hanging out with Grandma

Grandma Larson & Hayden


Coloring with Grandma

I LOVE my friend Sara. She's the kind of friend I could live next door to and never get sick of! I spent the day with her one of the days we were there.

Sara & Me

Hayden, Sara, Parley

These cute boys are a month apart

Playing at Grandma's

too cute!


texting uncle troy

Hayden sucking his toes on one of our many drives

Feeding the calves

We went to Rexburg one day. I took Mom & Leanne to one of my favorite Rexburg food joints Millhollow. I love their sandwiches & frozen yogurt! We went and saw my good friend Jenn & her family. I always LOVE any time I get to spend with Jenn, she's awesome! We also saw Josh's grandparents. It was their first time meeting Hayden.

Hayden & Aunt Leanne

Me & Jenn

Hayden, Me, Jenn, Candace

Great-Grandma Winn, Hayden, Great-Grandpa Winn

Grandma Winn, Hayden, Grandpa Winn, Kylie, Kody
Photo Shoot
Of course we had to take some last minuet photos before we left.
Mom, Me, Hayden
Dad, Me, Hayden, Mom
Leanne, Me, Hayden, Mom
Grandpa, Hayden, Grandma
Back to Colorado
After a great week in Idaho Hayden & I headed back to Colorado to be with Josh again.

Josh took the National Dental Boards on July 28. It was a long stressful day. We're so glad it's over!

I walked into our room while he was studying & saw this. I couldn't help but take a picture especially with Hayden's monkey!

Lunch in the Park
Most days that we were there Josh would go to Colorado College with Jayson & study for the boards while Jayson was in class. We would go meet them for lunch a few days during the week.

Hayden looking cute while exploring

One evening Josh took some time off from studying and we went bowling with Jayson & Carla. I beat Josh in the first game but then lost the second game. Josh still thinks he's cool because his combined total was better than mine...he thinks that means he won!



Jayson & Carla

Josh & Me


We met up with some of our friends from Comfort Dental... the dental office where we worked while we lived in Colorad Springs... for lunch.

Steph, Kalee, Dr. Miller, Josh, Hayden, Me

Carrots with Grandma
Everyday at least once Hayden would share a carrot with Grandma Ricks. He liked them on his teeth until they weren't cold anymore and then he would make her take a bite. Silly boy!

Helen Hunt Falls
In Colorado Springs there is a really pretty water fall that Josh and I took Hayden & hiked up one morning. It was so pretty and so fun to get outside after most of the summer Josh spent studying for the boards. Hayden LOVED playing in the water.

Josh & Hayden

Me, Josh, Hayden

The view

the falls

chill'n by the river

Hayden & Mommy

Daddy & Hayden

splash splash splash

Hayden loving the water!

The Best of Camping

One night we went up to the woods and had hot dogs and smores. It was so fun to hang out but then when we were done we packed everything up and went back and slept in our beds. The funnest part about camping is hanging out and the food. So we got the best of both worlds!

Kalee, Me, Josh

cooking hotdogs

eating smores

Uncle Jayson & Hayden

Hayden & Aunt Jess

Auntie Kalee & Hayden

Aunt Carla, Hayden & Uncle Jayson