Monday, April 26, 2010

He's Watching

Hayden has been watching us and doing what we do and saying what we say for a few months now. Some funny things he does are:
*Sit down exactly like we are. Arms folded or legs under us, etc.
*Watches Josh lift weights and then touches the weights and pretends to breathe hard.
*Sees that we are sitting at the computer typing on the keyboard and sits down with his keyboard {our old one} and types too!
*Puts one of my bags, or a reusable grocery bag over his shoulder and walks to the door like he is ready to go. {I always grab my bag right before walking out the door}
* If I haven't put Brinley's bundle me over her face he will walk over to her and push it up before we go out the door. {what a good brother!}
*{my latest favorite} Josh was studying the cranial nerves on our way to take him to school the other morning and he said AWW, reminding himself of what to have the patient do while he was observing for something. 2 seconds later Hayden opened his mouth and said "AWW"

whenever we get close to the school {or the tall buildings at the hospital by the school} Hayden will say "Bye, Bye DADA" "Bye, Bye DADA" over and over until Josh says Bye back to him. {not really mimicking, but cute and documentable {it's a word now!} none the less}

LOVE this little boy!

Thursday, April 15, 2010


I put Hayden down for a nap and went upstairs to do some things on the computer. I heard his door open but I listened and heard no more. Assuming {never a good thing} that he didn't see me so he went back to his room and climbed back in bed. After 30 minutes of being upstairs I came downstairs and heard the tv on. I thought he must have turned it on before returning to his room. Such foolish thoughts. This is what I saw! For 30 min this little stinker was up watching tv, not sleeping like his neglectful mother thought!

Love You

Last night Hayden was in bed and I went to check on him. He was laying there looking at some books before going to sleep. He had the "How do I love you" book in his hand and without me saying anything he looked up at me and said "love you mama." Melted my heart!!

Red Hair

I never thought that I wanted to have a red head, but Brinley's red hair is so cute! I hope she has cute little red curls!

Thursday, April 8, 2010


We took our Elmo lover to see Elmo live at Shea's theater downtown. He LOVED it!

dancing and eating Swedish fish

he looks like such a big boy

watching with awe