Saturday, October 27, 2007

sWeeTeSt dAY

October 20th was sweetest day... Josh said what is sweetest day? I explained that it is another day to celebrate being lovers! So we did just that!! We hung out all morning together and then went to a late lunch. It was really fun.

I looked up online the origin and facts about sweetest day...because truthfully I did not know what sweetest day was...I just saw that mr. & mrs hallmark celebrated it so i decided to join the fun!

Saturday, October 20, 2007


My parents came to visit us from Oct 9th to early morning on the 15th. We had such a good time with them. Josh was busy studying for midterms so he wasn't able to do a lot with us, but I was able to take some time off work to hang out.

While they were here we...

went to Niagra Falls. We looked around on the American side then walked across the rainbow bridge to the Canada side. We walked along their mini strip, enjoyed lunch, went to the hershey's store, watched a glass blower, took some picts and enjoyed the view.

the next day we went to palmyra. We went to the sacred grove, the Smith homes, and the printing press. It's always such a neat experience to be at the exact place where it all happened. And the Sacred Grove was really pretty this time of year with all the changing leaves. We also stopped and walked around the Temple grounds.

I also had some projects around our house for my dad to work on. The base boards in our bathroom were those cheap, plastic, crappy ones. Most of them weren't even sticking to the walls they were just leaning up against the wall. And around the cupboads in the kitchen there weren't any base we had to fix that. He also put up some shelves in our garage and basement, and fixed some piping in the basement. We love it! Everything looks so awesome! I felt bad that it took so much longer than expected, but we really appreciate it... and through it all we invested in a few tools! My mom was awesome too. I think she did the dishes the whole time they were here, cleaned the floors, folded laundry, unclogged the sink, made dinner for us and our friends...I told them they could move in Josh could go to school, I could go to work and they could stay home and clean and do the home repairs!

They also loved our dog, Teton. They could not believe how well behaved he is and how he never barks!

After all the work there was not enough time to go to Letchworth State Park...we'll
have to do that next time...but there was still a little time left
to see some stuff around Buffalo. We went to the botanical gardens,
and the water front along lake erie.

We loved having them here and can't wait to see our families at christmas...only 8 weeks away!!