Friday, December 31, 2010

Good News

Josh Passed part II of his dental boards!

Now only 1 semester/4 months/16 weeks left and he will be a dentist, which means NO MORE SCHOOL! YEAH!!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Colorado Christmas

We had such a great time in Colorado! It was a much needed break away from real life. When we first got there Brinley had a hard time sleeping, and she had a fever. She would fall asleep in my arms and then wake up the second I layed her down. Then when she finally would stay asleep she would sleep for a few hours but just as I got in bed she would cry and cry and not want me to put her down. I spent most of the first night sitting on the floor with my back and head resting on the bottom of the bed holding her. Let's just say that's not an awesome way to sleep. I would wake up with parts of my body numb or my neck kinked. So the next night when she followed the same routine I tried holding her and laying down in bed. This worked much better for both of us. She slept for good periods of time and therefore I was able to get some sleep too. So miss- I don't want my mom to rock me anymore- suddenly wanted nothing more than mommy to hold, rock and snuggle her all night long! A few days later she didn't have a fever anymore and was sleeping a little better, but she still ended up in bed with us. After Brinley's fever went away Hayden got one. He didn't feel good and just wanted to be held. Josh was snuggling him one day when he vomited everywhere. All over Josh. All over himself and all the blankets. Poor little guy did not feel good. He got a fever and runny nose with a cough and the whole works. Good thing Grandma & Grandpa had Popsicles to make him feel better for the next few days. He probably ate a whole box, whatever makes you feel better!
Then I got a rash, from who knows what, all over half of my body. Not cool, and Josh and half the family got sick with the same cold/cough the kids had. Then one day when I was making Brinley a bottle I had to open a new can of formula. I took the metal pop top off and set it down while I made her bottle. She reached for it and before I could reach to take it back sliced her finger! It was bad. It was bleeding lots and I started freaking out! I held her and put pressure on it for over an hour while Josh and Jayson went to get some butterfly bandaids and gauze to fix it, and it still would not stop bleeding. After cleaning it up we tried multiple times to put the butterfly bandaid on to hold the cut shut but she would fist her hand and then the blood would make it so the bandaid wouldn't stick so we ended up having to make our own bandage. We wrapped her finger in a few kleenex and then wrapped it in bandaids and then put a sandwich bag over it and taped it to her wrist so she would leave the bandage on. She was fine, but it was pretty sad and scary for me for a little while.

Honestly though despite all those things we had a great time! We did lots of fun things. Hayden played and ran around and was crazy silly with all of his uncles, aunts and grandma & grandpa. Here he is using the wrapping paper as a sword, anything can be made into a sword! AND grandpa made him some armor out of a paper bag. He was in heaven!

Then Daddy joined in on the fun!

Real Christmas, December 25, was while we were there. We exchanged presents and the kids loved everything they got! Thanks Grandma & Grandpa, Auntie Kalee & Uncle Jayson & Aunt Carla! You guys spoiled our kids and they LOVED it!

Opening Presents...

This nerf gun was a gift that Hayden, his Dad & all of his uncles enjoyed!

Brinley loves to hang upside down! She giggle and giggles! I finally caught it on camera. Silly, Silly girl!

We spent a day at Josh's brother, Justin's house...

Hayden & Malachi

the best photo I could get of the grandkids.
Malachi, Kylah, Brinley, Hayden

We spend lots of time hanging out, chatting, eating out and there was plenty of ninja fighting...

I absolutely LOVE the look on Tom's face in this photo!

Hayden LOVED being silly with Grandpa & Grandma! This was one of his favorites. Playing/Hiding in the laundry basket.

Brinley LOVES to put her socks in her mouth! She will pull them off put them in her mouth and crawl around. She looks like a cat carrying a mouse! It's so funny!

Hanging out with auntie KK & Grandpa...

We had a great time! It was so fun to see everyone!

Sunday, December 26, 2010


December 19th was our Christmas and boy was it fun! It was so fun watching the kids open their presents and get excited about each thing, especially Hayden. He is at a great age for Christmas! I'm not sure if he really understood why he was getting so many presents and toys but he sure loved it! Sometimes when I was wrapping I thought wow these kids are getting lots of stuff! I guess that's the bonus of their mom getting deals all year long!

There were so may presents Hayden didn't know where to start...

checking out their stocking stuff...


see that cute little kitchen {well kitchen pieces} in the background. that's what I was talking about.
Really cute! Really a pain!
Santa needed some help from mommy & daddy so we will have to help him when we get back from Colorado

Opening presents...

Brinley's First Baby Doll. She loved it!

He is SO his father's son! Can you just hear that sound effect! Love this little guy!

Brinley was SO whiny from the second she woke up. She didn't want anything to with her bottle and her toys and presents would make her stop for a minuet. We almost put her back in bed, but decided to try some cheerios first. It did the trick! She was fine after she sat down and ate some cheerios! Silly girl!

More presents...

Brinley LOVES touch and feel books!

Love this....

I wondered if he would even like this Sesame Street toy, but he LOVED it! He carries it all around the house and calls it Elmo's house!

I Love Christmas and this year was no exception!

Josh and I scored with our presents too! I got some photography stuff that I have wanted and a few clothes and other things and Josh got some new running shoes, work out stuff, a new jacket and some other things he has been wanting. Christmas was so fun!

Oh and after our tree fell over multiple times last year we opted to get a fake tree this year. I didn't know if I would like it because we didn't want to spend the money right now on a really full tree, but I LOVED it! What a cool invention! Pull it out of the box. Attach 3 pieces. Plug the lights in together. Straighten out the branches and WAH-LAH! It was wonderful!!

Now off to Colorado...