Saturday, September 25, 2010

7 Months Old

Hayden wanted Brinley to snuggle in his ties. They sure love each other!

sitting up and playing

the best toys aren't toys at all

I love how excited these 2 are to be reading a book with daddy first thing on Saturday morning

Brinley & her friend Lexi

At 7 months Brinley is eating all kinds of baby food. She didn't used to like peas, but has now become a fan. She likes her 'baby snacks' those puffy baby finger foods. Hayden likes them too, and every time she has some. She holds her bottle sometimes, but doesn't always get the appropriate angle so she gives up. She can drink out of a sippy cup {the soft one} she usually gets to drink some water in it when she eats her baby food. She has such a sweet personality, and squeals and laughs and talks all day long. She loves her toes. She rolls all over. If she wants something she just rolls to it. She pushes herself up on her arms and pushes her bum in the air and moves one leg, but not at the same time. She is still a little bit tipsy when sitting up. Hayden can make her laugh better than anyone. Usually all he has to do it talk to her or laugh and she laughs back. They're so fun to watch together. She was still a great sleeper until about a week ago and I'm not sure if she's not feeling well or what but she's been waking up all night long, and it sometimes it takes a while to calm her down. She's wearing 6 month clothes and is still in a size 2 diaper. She is getting quite a bit of hair. I guess that phrase is relative, but considering my kids she has a lot of hair. At least a lot more than Hayden did at her age. She likes to pull her bows/flowers off of her head while we are driving in the car. She usually sucks on them or pulls them off the band. I'm getting smarter and have started to just take it with us and put it on when we get there. She likes to play with other kids her age. She squeals and talks to them, while sharing her toys. You're such a sweetie, Brinley! We love ya little girl!

Grandma Ricks came to town

Grandma Ricks came to town for a week. We loved having her here. She spent most of her time at the dental school with Josh getting some work done on her teeth, but we were able to fit in a few fun things.
We went to the park and played, walked/ran/cycled a few days. We went to lunch almost every day while she was here. We chatted and played with the kids. Josh and I got to go on a date! We went out for frozen custard. It was sad to see her go, but the good thing is she'll be back in a few weeks to finish up her dental work!

Out of the mouth of Hayden

Hayden is at such a cute age! I wish I could record him all day long. He does and says some of the funniest things. Here are a few:

I was wearing my bathrobe one morning and he touched it and said "mama's cape"

We got into our car one day and he said "ours car, ours car" I tell him not to touch other cars because they are not ours.

We were driving to get ice cream one night, and Josh didn't realize that the exit was coming up as soon as it was so he had to accelerate to get around some cars and make it over in time. While we were exiting Hayden said " Daddy I scared" A few minuets later Hayden was whining and Josh said "Hayden what's wrong?" Hayden said, "I scared" The scared was said in a really whiny voice. It was hilarious!

Hayden calls Josh Daddy but usually calls me Mama

He always says "what's that noise?"

He loves firetrucks, ambulances, dump trucks, garbage trucks, diggers, loaders, airplanes, school buses and any other big trucks he sees. He spots them and says "Look! a digger" "Look! a BIGGGGG Truck!" He knows what's outside just by the noise it makes.

He likes to go to sleep on his tummy, or on his back with his hands behind his head.

He thinks his belly button is fun to touch. I often see him with his shirt up touching his belly button. Funny guy!

He likes to shut the doors behind him. When he wakes up he always puts his ties away and closes the door behind him.

Says "mmhumm" instead of saying yes.

I love watching him discover and take in the world around him. He's such a cutie we just want him to stay how he is right now forever! Love ya little guy!