Saturday, July 30, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday Brinley!

Brinley was SO excited to wake up and have a balloon tied to her chair

She did not want to let go of it!

After breakfast she played with some things from the cupboard. Non toys make the best toys!

A little later she had some m&m's to keep her happy while I was doing stuff for the party

Then it was time for the PARTY!
We had a cupcake theme party {well day actually}

The little miss in her cute cupcake birthday shirt that my friend Diana made for her. I LOVED it!

Cupcake decorations

Cupcake Sandwiches


Cupcake Cake Pops

Yummy fun soda for the mommies in matching party colors

Brinley in the cute princess hat she wore for 2 seconds

eating some snacks with her cupcake bib on

Love this girl!

...and this boy!

The Guests.
We invited lots of friends her age but not all of them were able to make it. We had tons of fun with those that came. Not many more would have fit on the sofa anyway!




It's my birthday and I'll pull out all the wipes if I want to and my mom won't stop me cuz it's my birthday and it makes me happy!

a sibling photo was not happening!

After the party the kids took naps. When Brinely woke up Josh was there to greet her with a cupcake. She LOVED it!

she wanted more!
{I love the loving look in her eyes}

Then it was present time!

After dinner we had her cupcake cake

Hayden helped her blow out the candle
{once again I LOVE how she is looking at Hayden}

she was NOT in love with how it felt on her hands so she pushed it as far away as possible!

It ended up on the floor!

I picked it up and tried again...

I LOVE the disgusted look on her face!!
this is what the floor looked like by the end.

our clean, cute little missy at the end of the day!

I hope you had a great first birthday Brinley! We love you so much!!

{February 11, 2011}

I have to show off a little. I made this invitation for her party. It was my first time using photoshop in a very long time and I was pretty proud of the results!

** I HATE how half of some of the pictures are cut off! I know I upload them larger than normal but any help with this would be appreciated!

Friday, July 29, 2011


We often joke that Josh' laptop is his BFF. He spends more time with it than me. He takes it to school with him and uses it all day. He watches movies on it or listens to music while he works out, and we often watch shows on it while lying in bed at night. That's some money well spent if you ask me!

Brinley's many faces

{january 26 2011}

Super Grover Hat

{january 26 2011}

When Hayden wanted to be Super Grover for Halloween 2010 we looked for a hat for him. We ended up getting one online for $17 that completed the outfit perfectly. I debated getting it because I thought "$17 for a hat he will use for one night?!" but I ended up purchasing it and it has been one of the best purchases ever! Hayden LOVES it! He wears it around all the time, he carries all of his guys in it, and he has slept with it every night since purchasing it. Now that's money well spent!