Thursday, May 5, 2011

Girls Night Out

Last night we had our last "official" girls night out before everyone moves. We went to dinner then went shopping and got some dessert after. It was so much fun!! I LOVE these girls and I will miss them and others SO much!

kalie, me, melissa, {angie}, natalie

Natalie and me waiting by the dressing rooms

Sunday, May 1, 2011


It is starting to hit me that we are leaving Buffalo soon. Dental school will soon be over, and we will be moving on to the next phase of our lives. As most people know dental school has been a rocky ride for us, and I would be lying if I said we were not super excited for it to be over. Four years ago we never thought May 2011 would ever come! We are not in love with Buffalo, the city, but we will be sad to leave so many great people that we have met and become friends with during our time here. We could have not made it through our time here without you. We love you and will miss you tons!

will miss:
*our friends, the people who have made our journey in Buffalo so much better.
*our kids's friends. man, we are going to miss you guys!!
*our neighbors. They are pretty great. They snow blow for us every time it snows, give our kids presents for their birthdays, let us borrow things, and watch our dog and our house when we are not home. We could not ask for better neighbors
*our house
*Wegmans...our grocery store. I know it may sound weird to miss your grocery store, but it's not just a grocery store. It has a sub shop, a pizza place, a cafe, soup bar, salad bar, and a whole array of other hot food options, not to mention a whole foods section and a kids center where the kids can play and get a free cookie and balloon. It's pretty great!
*splash pools. In the summer time they open little kiddie pools in the middle of a few parks here. They provide water toys and the one we like to go to is in a park with a huge sand box with tons of toys and a whole park full of swings and slides It's a fun time for everyone!
*the airport being 5 minuets away
*my mailbox being on my house

won't miss:
*people stopping wherever they want in the road and thinking it's okay just because they have their hazard lights on
*dental school
*the never ending cold