Friday, October 10, 2008


Josh's brother, Jordan, & his wife, Jessica, came to visit us September 24-28. We had so much fun hanging out with them. They got in late Wednesday night and Thursday while Josh was in class I took them to Palmyra. We made it a quick trip since we got a late start and just went to the sacred grove and through the Smith homes. It was such a great time of year to go since all the leaves are changing, it was so pretty.

On Friday we had lunch with Josh after his test and then went to Niagara Falls in the afternoon. I've been to Niagara Falls lots, but it seems like every time I go we do something I haven't done before. This time we rode the Maid of the Mist. It was way cool to see the falls so close! Uncle Jordan was really protective of little was really cute! He didn't want him to get drenched or to suffocate with the plastic poncho, what a good uncle! By Saturday, day three of their trip, everyone was tired so we decided not to get up early and go to Toronto...I still really want to go, but maybe next we hung out at home in the morning and then Jessica and I went to the outlet mall and Niagara on the Lake while Josh and Jordan went to the school and spent some time together. Jessica and I had such a good time shopping that we spent way too long there. wasn't all spent shopping first we got lost...the directions I had took us to the WAY wrong place, then I had to feed Hayden a few times and we had to feed ourselves somewhere in there too and before we knew it most of our day was gone. We headed up to Niagara on the Lake in the evening. What a beautiful place! The view on the way was gorgeous and the little town has such a cool feel to it. It's now on my list of places to take people when they come to see us. We ended up being there longer than planned...surprise we had dinner together while the guys went to dinner together at one of our favorite Buffalo restaurants El Palenque. Somewhere during their trip we managed to watch Fire in the Sky. A movie the guys hipped up to be super scary about aliens, it turned out not to be too bad even though it is based on a true story. We had such a good time and as always it was really hard to say goodbye on Sunday morning. Thanks for coming guys, we loved having you here!


Our friends gave us a ghost beanie for Hayden. We think he looks adorable in it. I think we'll make sure he wears it all month long!

Seahawks Fan

Thanks Justin & Denise!

3 Months


playing with dadd-ers {this is what Josh calls himself}

playing with mommy

At 3 months our cute little Hayden blows bubbles with his spit, goos and coos, squeels, talks to us, smiles all the time, grabs his toys and puts them in his mouth, sucks on his hands, holds his blankets and sucks on them, stands...he has really strong legs, he loves splashing in the bath tub and hates it when we put his shirt over his head. He's such a good baby. We can't imagine life without him!