Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I think that it is so cute when Hayden and Brinley give each other a kiss. If Hayden gives Brinley a kiss when she is sad she almost always immediately stops crying! The other night Brinley was going to bed and Hayden was in the bath tub so I had to capture their goodnight kiss.

Big Girl!

This little Missy is 18 months old. She went to nursery in our ward for the first time a few Sundays ago {August 14} and LOVED it! When I came back to get her I got down on her level and opened my arms and said Brinley! She looked at me and turned back around to get the bubbles. At lease she liked it!

she is such a stinker to take photos of lately! she is too busy!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Officer Training

Josh left on May 21 for 5 weeks...32 days to be exact...of officer training. I cried months in advance of him leaving. Just thinking about be apart made me sad. I cried multiple times in the days prior to him leaving, and the tears didn't stop after we dropped him off at the airport. In our whole 7 1/2 years of marriage the longest we have been apart is 10 days. We had heard how bad officer development school {ODS} was going to be. Tons of working out...Josh could handle, and would somewhat enjoy that. Tons of yelling at you...Josh had been preparing himself for that, not that it would be a walk in the park but he could handle it. Little or no sleep...not sure you can prepare for that. NO contact with wife, kids or family...this is the part that we were dreading the most. We had heard they would take away all of your civilian stuff including your cell phone for at least 2 weeks. We said goodbye about 9 times before we found out that they would not be taking away his cell phone, but that they were supposed to turn it off and not use it until they were told that they could...{yeah right!} We texted more than ever before, and had secret phone calls whenever Josh could. On the second day the chief showed up and they were awakened at 3 am after only a few hours of sleep. They had to stand at attention and be yelled at. I got a text from Josh that said something like:
" this morning we woke up at 3am to them yelling and beating on our doors. we stood at attention and listened to them yell at us. 3 people passed out. 1 person locked their knees and the other 2 were hyperventilating because they were freaking out. it wasn't even scary. my dad was scarier than that growing up." I seriously laughed out loud when I read that!

We often joked that it was fat camp. They worked them out hard and only let them eat 3 meals a day. No snacks. No sweets. No soda. No food in their rooms. Josh lost 10 pounds while there {like he needed to!} Josh and his roommate bought some cliff bars when they were given liberty to go to the store on base. They hid them in their room. His roommate gave one to a friend who ended up dropping the wrapper on the field during graduation practice, the guy told the chief who gave it to him and they searched Josh and his roommate's room and closet and they got them taken away!

The rules there were ridiculous and lots of them did not make sense, but that's the military!

Josh went to church with some other guys their first weekend there. When they walked in they were pulled into a room and told that they could use the internet and phones there, and that before they went back to base they were going to feed them! Someone in the ward must have known what it was like to be at ODS.

It definitely was not a walk in the park for either of us but we made it through and were SO excited to see each other when it was all over.

Mothers Day

I LOVE being a Mom. I LOVE that these 2 little cuties are mine. I LOVE my mom and everything that she does and has done for me. I LOVE my 2nd Mom {josh's mom} without her I wouldn't have such a great guy to call my husband.


Every holiday is more fun with kids, Easter was no exception!

the baskets

Brinley was SO funny! She saw her basket ran right over and got those baby snacks and was off!

Hayden was pretty excited to see all the stuff in his basket especially the spiderman stickers and pez.

we did a little Easter egg hunt and Hayden was so cute to watch. He got really excited with every egg he found! Josh was really cute about where he hid the eggs. Look in Haydens' shoe in the above picture.

All dressed up in their Easter outfits for church.
We LOVE these little guys!

Grandpa came to town!

Grandpa Ricks came to stay with us for about a week after hiking the appellation trail. We loved having him here and couldn't let him go without a quick picture. I LOVE the goofy-ness of this picture. It captures the kids time with him well!

Jayson & Carla Came to Visit!

jayson could not resist being goofy!

We had a great time with Jayson & Carla. They came for their spring break which happened to be the week after Josh's so they planned on getting some dental work done while they were here. When they showed up they told us that they are going to have a baby! We are SO excited for them! Because of all of our excitement we didn't even think about how being pregnant and in her first trimester would affect Carla getting dental work done until she was sitting in Josh's dental chair having her exam done and he realized that they were not going to be able to do anything for her. This was not really what they were expecting but it was good news for me because that meant that we had the days to hang out while the guys were together at the dental school.

Carla and I were able to go to Niagara Falls one morning just the two of us. My good friend Natalie watched the kids because it was so cold outside that they would not have had a good time. It was so fun! We walked around saw the falls and took some pictures, then went into some gift shops and ended with lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe.

We also sat around and talked, went out to eat, played video games together {the guys}, watched movies, and Carla introduced me to some new shows I now have to watch every week!

hayden was showing off his spider man moves one night before bed.