Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Hayden has recently become very interested in "guys." Pretty much any action figure is a guy. Army men, Dinosaurs it doesn't matter what it is he loves to play with them, carry them around and make them "fly high in the sky." It's so adorable! One night he set some of the army men and dinosaurs out on the coffee table and Josh told him stories with them and made them all fly around in the air and ride on each others back and on and on. Hayden couldn't get enough of it, and cried when it was time to go to bed. Josh told him he could take 2 of them to bed with him. I checked on him multiple times and found him standing on the bed making them fly through the air. Then later I found him asleep like this. I love this little guy!

Super Hayden

Hayden got these PJ's for his birthday and loves them! We fly him around as "super Hayden", he thinks it's pretty fun!
Here he is playing with the "guy" a wooden stackable Russian doll that he loves to take apart and put back together.

i hope i never forget

the sound of Hayden's genuine from the gut laugh
Brinley's little giggle
how it feels to have Brinley snuggle into me and fall asleep
how cute Hayden is when he leans over and voluntarily gives me a kiss
how excited Hayden gets when he hears an 'airplane high in the sky'
how much these two can make each other laugh already
Brinley's squeal of delight
how Hayden thinks me tracing his hand over and over again is the greatest thing ever
how much Hayden loves to walk Teton
how cute Hayden is when he runs up to us and gives us a high five as we do laps on the track
how Brinley's smile can make me feel like a million bucks
how it sounds to hear Hayden say packpack {backpack}

I think being a Mom is the best thing ever! I love these two little ones!!