Sunday, May 2, 2010

a week of owies

...Or bonks as Hayden calls them

It all started when Hayden was playing in the yard while I was weeding. He ran around the car to go see Teton. He fell face first on our asphalt driveway and scraped his nose really bad.

Then a few days later I was getting both kids out of the car. I got Hayden out and he came around to Brinley's side with me. He was standing by the passenger's door. When I closed Brinley's door Hayden started SCREAMING. I shut his hand in the door! I'm always so careful of this, but this time I guess I wasn't so careful. I saw his hand just as I let go of the door! Good thing I wasn't slamming the door shut, the damage was bad enough. He had an immediate purple mark across the top of two fingers. Then I turned his hand over and the fingers had huge cuts on them! I put everyone back in the car, we didn't really need to go to that store anyway, and we drove home. The whole way home Hayden cried. He would stop for a few minuets and then reach for some snacks and cry all over again. I felt so bad that I started to cry! I thought, "what if I broke his fingers!" Luckily I did not. I felt like Mom of the year right then!

The next day I sat Brinley up in the corner of the glider and walked around the corner into the kitchen. I wasn't gone 2 seconds when I heard Brinley screaming bloody murder, followed by Hayden screaming. This is what happens when she starts crying after he has done something and he doesn't know what to do. I walked into the living room to find Brinley on the floor with Hayden standing by her. She was scared, but fine. I think Hayden was trying to play with her or hold her and it obviously didn't work out too well.

The next day while walking out of a store Hayden was holding my hand. He jerked away and I lost my grip and he fell right onto the sidewalk head first. Another bonk and another Mom of the year moment!

Also this past week my Dad broke his pelvis when a 800lb haybale fell on him while he was on the farm. He had surgery on Thursday and is recovering well.