Friday, January 23, 2009


Blurker: One who reads many blogs but leaves no evidence of themselves such as comments behind; a silent observer of blogs.

I admit I search blogs daily and love running into people I know and reading all about their lives. I also sometimes spend time reading about people I don't necessarily know or people who are friends of a friend of a friend. When I find a blog treasure, you can bet I try to leave a comment to let them know that I am taking a stroll down their blog lane. There are times when I just blurk because I'm in a hurry and don't have the time to leave a comment, but I try to go back and leave a footprint of hello & thanks when I can.

I recently added a visitor map to my blog and have to admit I have seen hits from some pretty interesting places so I'm wondering... who is out there looking at my blog? Go on now, be a nice blurker & leave a comment. Are you here for inspiration? Are we friends? Family? Or just randomly looking?

C'mon now... it's blogiquette.

Monday, January 5, 2009

7 Months & PINK EYE

Today Hayden is 7 months old and he woke up with pink eye! It's so sad. His eye is all watery, swollen and goopy. We went to the Doctor today and got some drops that will hopefully make him feel better. While we waited at the Doctors office for his perscription to be filled he was so happy. He smiled and giggled at everyone that talked to him. Everyone said "he can't be that sick if he's so happy", but we came home and he slept, and slept.

By Wednesday Hayden got pink eye in both eyes, but by Friday it was all gone. Saturday night my eye was so swollen and bruised that Josh almost took me to the ER. On Monday I got pink eye...NO FUN!


Our dog Whitney ran away on Friday. She must have snuck out of the house when our other dog Teton was coming back in because we didn't even know she was gone. When we realized we checked our back gate and it was open just enough for her skinny little body to squeeze through. We looked for her and called her for about an hour before giving up and calling the pound. They took our information and description. This all started at about noon and at 8:30 at night...after we were pretty sure we would never see her again...the pound called and said someone found her and turned her in. The people that found her said if no one claimed her they wanted her. She spent the night in Doggie Jail and we went and picked her up the next morning. BAD GIRL WHITTERS!!