Saturday, November 15, 2008

Rice Cereal

On November 4, 2008 one day before Hayden was 5 months old we gave him rice cereal. He has consistently been sleeping about 8 hours after we put him to bed. Then waking up eating and going back to sleep for 4 or 5 more hours. Lately he has been getting up every 4 hours which was really wearing me out so we decided it was probably time to start solids. At first he wasn't too excited about the new texture in his mouth, but we tried a few bites and something must have stayed down because he slept for 6 hours. Since then he has learned to like rice cereal and after the first few bites he opens for more, and sometimes we can't give it to him fast enough. Now we're back to at least 8 hours of sleep before he wakes up to eat. All ready to try some rice cereal"I'm not sure about this stuff"
"Maybe I'll have a little more"
There's more on his face than is in his tummy!


This year for Halloween Hayden was a puppy. He looked so adorable in his costume! We decided that since Hayden already had a puppy costume that we would all go to the Halloween party at our friend's house as dogs. Josh was so excited when I showed him the masks I got for us! ...not really, but he was a good sport!
The day before Halloween Hayden and I went with some of our friends to tick or treat at the mall. It wasn't exactly what I expected,but it was fun getting Hayden dressed up. Melissa, Porter, Natalie, Tyson, Me, Hayden
Me & Hayden at the Mall

He wore his "My First Halloween" shirt all day!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Our Little Guy

While we were in Arizona my sister took some really cute pictures of Hayden. We think he is the cutest baby ever!

4 Months Old

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


From October 13-22 I went to Arizona to watch my sister Teri's kids while she and her husband and son along with my parents went to Nauvoo. I was glad I was able to help them go. They had a great time and said it was an experince they will not soon forget. My parents stayed at Teri's for 24 hours...just long enough to see me, and give Hayden a few kisses! It was hard being apart from Josh for so long, but it was good to see my family. I wish they all lived closer so I could have the best of both worlds.Grandma, Hayden, Grandpa Grandpa & Hayden


On October 16, 2008 Hayden rolled for the first time. At first it was just to the right, but now he can roll to the right and left from his belly to his back. We're still working on showing him how to roll from his back to his belly.

I love my puppy
Look! I'm starting to get some hair!

4 Months

Height: 25 1/2in. ~75th percentile
Weight: 13lbs 4oz~ 20th percentile
Head Circumference:16in.~ 15th percentile


10/27/08 all bundled up & going on a walk

At 4 months Hayden is so vocal. He talks to us all the time and loves it when we talk to him. Sometimes he stares at us until we notice and talk to him. He giggles and squeals, it's so cute to see him discovering his voice. He grabs everything now including my hair and earrings. He loves it when we read stories to him. We have tried to make this part of his bedtime routine now. He has licked things and put everything he can in his mouth for a while now, but lately he sticks his tongue out and just leaves it out like he's discovering that he has a tongue. Lately he has been noticing his hands. He holds them out in front of him and stares at them. He loves sucking on his hands and occasionally he finds and sucks on just his thumb. Sometimes he sticks his whole hand in his mouth and gags himself. He is starting to arch his back and slides out of things so we buckle him into all of his chairs now! He loves playing peek-a-boo and likes it when we sing to him or play patty cake. He is such a good, calm, sweet baby. We can't imagine what life would be like without him!

It's Official

On October 8 we signed with the Navy. They will pay for the next 3 years of dental school and when Josh is done with dental school he will work as a Navy dentist for 4 years. It is not exactly our ideal choice, but it makes it possible for me to stay home with Hayden so we feel it is the best choice for our family.

Blessing Day

Hayden was blessed on September 14, 2008. It was a beautiful blessing and he looked so cute in his little white tux.